“I am one who has been blessed and encouraged by the ministry of Chris and Diane Machen! As I think back over the past 25 years of friendship and ministry together, I have always been inspired not only by their gifts of leading worship and creating meaningful songs for the body of Christ, but by their genuine love for Christ and for the ways that they love people. Their heart is to point everyone they meet to Christ, and I thank God for how He is continuing to use their lives and ministry to do that very thing! I highly recommend them and their ministry!”


Richie Kingsmore
Kingsmore MusicWorks, Inc.



“Chris and Diane Machen not only are talented, very effective worship leaders, but have a genuine heart for Christ and God’s people. It’s exciting to me that the Machens are returning to their roots of going back out on the road.  I would bring Chris and Diane to my church in a heartbeat!”

Tom Tillman
Music & Worship Lead
Texas Baptists

“Church music has no greater friends than Chris & Diane Machen.  Consummate musical artists, dedicated music ministers, and spiritually deep people – Chris & Diane bring their host of talents together with their love for Jesus to mold a unique music ministry experience for congregations and choirs alike.”

Robert Sterling
Producer, Arranger, Songwriter and Clinician

“Chris and Diane Machen always bless me with their genuine spiritual depth, personal integrity and passion for the Lord. Couple those attributes with their transparent personalities and remarkable talent and you will experience a refreshing ministry that speaks to hearts and changes lives.”

Tom Elliff
President Emeritus, International Mission Board
Southern Baptist Convention

The word I hear most often from church leaders when they discuss what they are looking for in a worship leadership team is authenticity. And, that’s what you have with Chris and Diane – they are real musicians, servants, disciples, writers, encouragers, worshippers, and friends who love and serve Jesus. I love the Machens! They will help your church!

Mike Harland
Director, Lifeway Worship Resourses

I just wanted to recommend Chris and Diane Machen to those of you who may not be familiar with their ministry.  Chris sings with our SMOT group now, and you may be familiar with them “on paper” like I was, as major players in Baptist music ministry over the years.  But you have to hear them in person to fully experience the richness of their ministry.

We had them with us for the day this past Sunday, and they were a HUGE blessing and encouragement to our church, through their awesome testimony in song and word!  It was apparent to us that the Lord has gifted them and called them to a unique ministry, and is blessing their lives greatly!

Their spirits and attitudes were genuine, and so Christlike, and their musicianship was top notch.  Singing songs that have come out of their walk with the Lord, that Chris has written, with vocal excellence, while focusing people’s attention on the Lord was just the right balance for a concert ministry.  Our folks loved them and responded to their ministry enthusiastically!

I encourage you to plan on having them to your church some time this year. They are great folks and will bless your people.

David Hunt Masters Music
David Hunt