“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” – Matt. 28:19

In 1999 Chris & Diane Machen began leading mission trips to foreign countries for the purpose of supporting missionaries in the area of worship and evangelism. The Master’s Music Company has partnered with such mission organizations as e3 Partners, The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Change the World Ministries.

The vision started with a conference on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea for the IMB missionaries serving in the Middle East and North Africa. Chris & Diane were invited to lead worship for 600 missionaries and their families. Most of these missionaries served in countries where they could only worship in hiding. To see these heroes of the faith praising the Lord with tears streaming down their faces was a life-changing experience.

After that powerful conference, Chris began dreaming, praying and talking to individuals about the possibility of doing this type of ministry elsewhere in the world. Little by little, doors opened for the Master’s Music in Western and Eastern Europe and even the Far East. In June 2001 a team led by Chris, the Master’s Music staff went to Yong Pyong, Korea to lead worship for a conference of Southern Baptist Missionaries in the Western Pacific region. On the same trip, Chris led a team to Mongolia to do concerts and worship workshops for the local church leaders. Over 200 decisions for Christ were registered.

Chris Witnessing

In 2002 Chris, Diane, their kids Jennifer & Ryan, along with a team of 21 went to Germany for an outdoor crusade in the city of Magdeburg near Berlin. Many came to faith in Christ. The highlight of the trip happened through the students that went on the trip. They were able to sing, dance and witness to students in a private school for three days. They met with nearly every class explaining life in America, speaking English with the German students, but more importantly, sharing their faith in Christ. Many of the German students then came to the evening crusade.

Chris & Diane, along with many other musicians who have traveled with them, have found the experience of leading worship on short term mission trips to be life changing.  Getting off the stage and in the field helps worship leaders understand the greater purpose of the musical gifts the Lord has given them.  Since then, Chris and Diane have taken worship teams to Romania, Spain, Mexico, and Colombia. Missions is an on-going ministry of The Master’s Music Co.

“Proclaim his glory to the nations, his mighty deeds to all peoples.” – Psalm 96:3

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