In God We Trust

By Chris & Diane Machen & Jeff Brockelman

A case to remove our nation’s motto from all U.S. currency is brought before the Supreme Court.  In the midst of opening arguments there is a stunning turn of events.  A bald eagle gets loose in the court.  You won’t believe your eyes!  What follows is sure to bring joy and delight.  There’s nothing politically correct about this bald bird.  He’s going to set the record straight!

With wonderful new songs from the writing team of Chris & Diane Machen and a funny and engaging script from Jeff Brockelman and Sharon Thorne, your children will find out the truth about the strong belief in Jesus Christ that drove the founders of America.  Your kids will have a blast learning from the past!  And best of all, you can perform IN GOD WE TRUST any time of the year.

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  • Choral Book (Only available as a download) – $2.98
  • Director’s / Accompanist Book (Piano Score, Curriculum, Staging, Costuming) – $14.95
  • Listening CD – $14.95 (Or package of 10 for $60)
  • CD Track – $79.95
  • Video – $19.95
  • Poster Pack – 12 posters for $10.00 (1$ Individually)


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  • I cannot tell a lie! Its the Best!George Washington
  • It kept me in stitches! Two needles way up!Betsy Ross
  • Electrifying!Benjamin Franklin
  • My independent declaration – It’s GREAT!Thomas Jefferson
  • I loved it, honest!Abraham Lincoln